Tazz Labs
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A brief introduction to Tazz
Tazz creates capital-efficient debt markets, where borrowers issue debt against long-tail and hard-to-price collateral, and lenders can access market-priced debt opportunities. For this, we introduce a new DeFi primitive: tradable perpetual debt. We describe two products in subsequent sections:
  • Protocol Debt: Protocol treasuries can issue debt against their holdings (native tokens, liquidity positions, protocol revenue, etc), with treasury friendly terms (non-M2M liquidations, high LTVs)
  • CryptoNative App: Where degen users can borrow/lend with zero spreads (lenders get what borrowers pay) for popular lending trades (e.g., 20% Eth yields on LSTfi folding).
For more information on tradable perpetual debt, read the litepaper.