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Your Borrowing Summary

This table displays an aggregated summary of all your borrow positions. Debt Notional is a sum of your total debt notional and Debt Value is a sum of your total actual debt. Note, notional debt, not actual, represents the underlying value on which calculations like health/LTV and liquidation thresholds are based.
Collateral Value displays the aggregate USD value of your deposited collateral. Health is not an aggregate figure, and displays your minimum LTV instance.

Your Lending Summary

This table shows the same information as the borrowing summary, but from the lender side, and so does not include Health/LTV

Covenant Guilds

This table displays data pertinent to 'guilds.' Guilds implement all functionality related to collateral management (including liquidations), underwriting, debt accounting, and dToken/zToken mint/burning. For example, in the first listed guild, 'WETHxcbETH-rETH-wstETH,' lenders can supply WETH, and borrowers can borrow WETH by depositing one or some combination of cbETH, rETH, and wstETH. Guilds are siloed from a risk perspective, in the sense that bad debt from one guild does not impact other guilds.
Max LTV is a guild parameter, and displays the highest LTV loan, based on notional amount, that a borrower can take out. Collateral TVL displays the aggregate USD value currently deposited by all borrowers within that guild.
Borrow APY and Lend APY show the actual, not projected or hypothetical, APYs currently paid by/to users of a guild. DEX Liquidity displays the amount of basis currency, denominated in that currency, in the DEX pool for a given guild. For example, in the first listed guild, there is 1000 WETH available as borrow liquidity. Your Position details the notional amount, if any, of your borrow or lend position. Borrow positions are colored in red, lender positions in green.